Install Flutter on Windows

Kristian Tuusjarvi
1 min readJun 28, 2019


> Download Flutter from here

> Move the package to the folder that you want to install Flutter into. For me it was c:\src\

> Extract the package

> Go to the extracted file flutter_windows_v1.5.4-hotfix.2-stable and move the flutter folder from inside of it to c:\src\

> Delete the and flutter_windows_v1.5.4-hotfix.2-stable folders those wont be needed any more

> Navigate to your environment variables and add c:\src\flutter\bin to your PATH variable

> Now run flutter doctor command in cmd, it should complain about missing Android Studio

> Download Android Studio from here

> After download install Android Studio with the default settings

> When installed run Android Studio and go to configure -> plugins and search for flutter plugin

> Install the plugin and restart Android Studio

> Create new Flutter project

> Create new device and run the project

Here is a video to help you out. Happy coding!



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